AirServer Connect 3

AirServer Connect 3

AirServer Connect 3 is a wireless screen mirroring solution that simultaneously supports AirPlay, Google Cast, Miracast, and its guest network.

Product Code: AirServer Connect 3
Ultimate Performance
3x Displays at 4K 60fps
Super Secure
Universal Connectivity
Available sizes:

AirServer Connect 3


Screen mirroring devices simultaneously at 4K 60fps
Highly portable size and simple installation with magnetic mount
Customizable user interface
Cloud Management platform to monitor and manage multiple devices
Full hardware acceleration delivers multiple low-latency screen mirroring and media sessions
Supports Miracast over infrastructure and routing for AirPlay
Future-proof with BYOM ready and AirPlay 2 support
Uses native casting technology to receive screen mirroring over AirPlay, Google Cast and Miracast
Supports all major devices using iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows at the same time with up to 12 simultaneous connections in 1080p full HD quality
Keep your network safe with enterprise security, flexible integration and automatic updates
Livestreaming your screen mirroring session with other users virtually


AirServer Connect 3 is a universal screen mirroring solution redesigned to provide unparalleled performance. With the new 2.5G Ethernet and WiFi6, it can easily connect 32 guests and stream from 12 different devices simultaneously at 4K 60fps, a massive improvement from its predecessor, AirServer Connect 2.


To enhance the user experience, the sound, display, interactivity, power, and network of AirServer Connect 3 have been simplified to a single USB-C cable. Furthermore, the AirServer Connect 3 is now equipped with a magnetic mount at the bottom of the box for easy installation.

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