Collaboration Ready

Real time interactivity with items in the Draw environment.

One Touch Publishing

Capture and share screen shots instantly.

Team Focused

Easy to save, capture, distribute and retrieve the group’s work.

Workspace Freedom

Draw, annotate and engage over your live desktop or other software and still maintain its full functionality.

One tool for every team.

  • The perfect partner for any classroom or workplace
  • Built for the latest MultiTouch, MultiForce® and MultiUser hardware including T4
  • Incredibly easy content aggregation and interaction
  • Convert to a PDF or share a screenshot with a single touch, even during a meeting

Just the specs.

For education

Engage and get students hands-on. Capture learning.

For business

Harness brain power – during your meetings and after.

For government

Teach and train. Adapt
as needed. Capture &
share notes.