Team Power.

Our lecterns inspire confidence and give you control of your presentation without the need for a mouse, remote or keyboard.

TecTern Technology Lectern

Standing or seated, take your place at this contemporary lectern then command your presentation and the technology that controls it with ease.

  • Dynamic height adjustment
  • Interactive finger touch presentation control
  • Easy glide movement

TecTern TWO Technology Lectern

Sleek design and smart, secure storage options make this lectern an empowering choice.

  • Security locks on all doors and drawers
  • Removable Modesty Panel for access to back rack components
  • Confident, contemporary design

For education

Engage and get students hands-on. Capture learning.

For business

Harness brain power – during your meetings and after.

For government

Teach and train. Adapt
as needed. Capture &
share notes.