Team Players.

Beautiful to look at. Impressive to work with. Our Interactive Flat Panels let you wow your audience with digital content that shines and ideas they’ll want to get their hands on.

32” - 84” IFPs

Ideal for inspiring oohs and aahs. Our larger sized panels are 100% interactive right out of the box and can detect gestures and writing from multiple users at the same time.

  • State of the art picture quality with backlit LED
  • True multitouch performance
  • 5 sizes

19” IFP

Strong in presentations and a valuable asset on any team. This panel is designed for easy integration with an array of products to help a single presenter and their work stand out.

  • State of the art picture quality
  • True multitouch performance
  • Designed for a single user

For education

Engage and get students hands-on. Capture learning.

For business

Harness brain power – during your meetings and after.

For government

Teach and train. Adapt
as needed. Capture &
share notes.