TeamBoard Total Assist Wallmount for T3

Talk about hanging up a masterpiece.

Custom Positioning

Install mounting plate at a height you choose, so upper and lower range of motion is determined by you


From tall to small, height adapts to make the entire TeamBoard surface comfortably accessible to everyone.

Zero Calibration

Projector arm moves with the TeamBoard, so it stays calibrated without IT assistance.


Projector arm can be changed for separate projector mount, so it can adapt to your needs.

Thrives through ups and downs.

  • Movement accommodates presenters of any height
  • Assisted lift makes movement easy
  • Facilitates projector accessibility
  • One clean installation, no need for through-the-wall wiring
  • No post-movement re-calibration required

Just the specs.

18” height adjustability

Integrates TeamBoard and projector into one unit

High quality, highly stable construction

Modular projection arm can be changed to adapt to your needs

Standard Global Warranty

No hassle installation.

For education

Engage and get students hands-on. Capture learning.

For business

Harness brain power – during your meetings and after.

For government

Teach and train. Adapt
as needed. Capture &
share notes.